How to Start a Small Cooking Business from Home? [Steps & Strategies]

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How to Start a Small Cooking Business from Home? [Steps & Strategies]

Cooking can be a wonderful hobby for a person. It is a creative job that can create something delicious for people to enjoy. How amazing could it be to have a business opportunity out of it? A cooking business in India can be an excellent opportunity to get the best out of your hobby. It may sound difficult to start a new business, but you can start small from nowhere else but from your home! Create your food business, sitting and cooking at home. Here are the steps and strategies to create a successful cooking business from home.

1. Create a Unique Niche

Homemade food is one of the best small business ideas and is sure to catch attention. Nonetheless, new business ideas need to find out their niche that can attract a specific target audience. If you are good at cooking a specific cuisine, focus only on that but keep your minds open. You should decide on how well it can sell and grow in your area. You should try to sell something that is not offered by others but is also in high demand. You can work with different parameters like faster food delivery or specific niche ingredients. You should highlight your niche while promoting your business.

2. Spend Time on Research

Conducting market research is important to understand the level of competition in the business. Food businesses in India have become very popular in recent years. Several food chains have cropped up, and food-delivering service has also increased. You should try to connect to other food business owners to understand the different challenges that can come up. Talk to your friends and get their opinion on how you can plan your business.

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3. Plan the Budget

Planning the budget and investment is the most crucial step to get things started. A simple idea can be wonderfully formulated by acting on a concrete plan. Get a full picture of how you want to get things on track to get a set amount of profit. Set personal timelines and goals so that you can work on them gradually. As you will be working from home, you should decide what kind of space you need to work on demand. You will have to create storage space and acquire new devices for efficient work. You can get an expert to help you in the financial aspect of your business plan.

3. Get the Necessary Licenses and Permission

Every state has some rules and regulations that are expected to be followed by any new business type. You should be well-informed about these rules and do the necessary actions to fulfil them. Acquiring a business license can help you get in touch with wholesale vendors to acquire your ingredients tax-free. You may also have to create a separate kitchen for your business that does not use personal utensils or ingredients. You are also expected to follow safety and health standards set up by food and health associations in your state.

4. Acquire Better Types of Equipment

You should take new pieces of equipment and utensils for your business kitchen. Get high-quality equipment that will ensure a better quality of food that can be prepared in a shorter time. You should have good storage devices for your ingredients and food. You should have good packaging material that is used for wrapping and packing food items.

You can use your packages’ labelling according to the state’s standards so that your brand can be identifiable for your customers.

As per your state’s rules and regulations, you might have to acquire specific items to ensure food safety. All your business equipment should be kept separately from your kitchen items.

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5. Marketing and Advertising

Promoting your business in India is one of the most important steps to acquire customers. Use your networks of friends, colleagues and neighbours to get a customer base. You can also have a small event marking the beginning of your cooking business from home. Such an event can be very useful to let people know more about your business and your services.

You can also hand out food samples for people to taste. Give away your menu pamphlets with prices and offers that will attract more customers. Once in a while, you should give offers and extra services for promotions. This will help you gain more customers and gain exposure.

6. Using Social Media

Use social media platforms for better advertisement. Instagram and Facebook are amazing platforms for new business ideas in India. Create your page and use an attractive username. You can post regular content on this page for your followers. You can post new recipes and also create videos on how to make certain food items. Using good photography and video devices can be a great boosting factor. Share posts consistently so that you can get more followers. You can also interact with your audience using live chats and comments on social media. You can also be part of groups and communities, where you can interact with other people and invite them to your page.

FEEDBACK wood word on compressed board, cork board with human's finger at K letter

7. Get Customer Feedback

Once you have acquired a customer base, you must collect their feedback. No matter how many customers you have, always ensure their safety and satisfaction. If they have expressed any problem with your food items, ingredients or delivery- you should address them immediately. If there is any criticism of your work, you should be able to handle it positively. Good feedback should also be accepted humbly. You must understand that everything is part of the experience. As a good business, you should always aspire to upgrade your work and fulfil your loyal customers’ demands.


Indians love food, and cooking can be wonderful among the best small business ideas in India. By following the above steps, you can easily get noticed for your business and start earning profits. You should focus on fulfilling your customer’s demands to get the best outcome of your new business ideas.

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Q. Should I get a business license to start a cooking business from home?

Ans. Yes, you must get a business license and important permits from your state’s food safety organisations. You should obtain a food license from FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India). You can register to get it online or offline at your convenience. You will have to send an application with a set amount of fees. This license will be valid for a fixed period only. A business license will keep your business free of any legal problems and also allow you to gain benefits for your food business.

Q. How can I promote my cooking business online?

Ans. There are various ways that you can use to promote your food business online. Use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can post your recipes, ingredients and new available offers. You should interact with your customers regularly and get feedback to improve your services. You can also start a blog for your business to post your menu and reviews of your customers.

Q. What are the best food items for a cooking business from home?

Ans. The success of a specific cuisine or food item depends totally on the type of location and people. Baked items, including cakes, cookies and snacks, can be a huge success in multiple types of locations. Tiffins and lunch boxes can be a great option that can be opted-for by working individuals and students in cities. Local cuisines should be preferred as it will ensure a good number of people to opt for your home-made food.

Q. How long will it take to create profits out of my new cooking business from home?

Ans. A cooking business from home can require a relatively low amount of investment that other food businesses. However, you would need to invest in equipment and a kitchen space exclusively for your business. Creating profit can take a few weeks to a few months. You can try investing in a marketing team that will ensure that your business gains exposure. The success of your business opportunity would rely completely on the networks you can form to get noticed.

Q. How can I promote my cooking business offline?

Ans. While online promotion is rather easy for businesses, you must promote your cooking business offline as well. Being a business from home, most of your customers will be the people of your local area. To promote your business offline, you can make posters or pamphlets and distribute them in the major hotspots of your city. Spread the word of your business through friends and relatives. You can also organise a small event where people can taste your food at special discounts or for free. Such events can give you a good customer base for the beginning.

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