What Are Some Good Diwali Business Ideas?

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What Are Some Good Diwali Business Ideas?

Every year, millions of people across the globe celebrate Diwali during winter. It is one of the most important festivals in Indian culture and marks a new beginning for every family, business, and community. Diwali is special mainly because people indulge in giving presents and celebrations. Companies provide Diwali bonuses to their employees as a token of their appreciation, and people distribute sweets and dry fruits amongst friends and extended family.

Each year scores of new business ideas emerge to cater to different needs of people to celebrate the festival. Corporate gifting has taken a huge turn, and employers have amped up their strategies to constantly encourage their employees by handing out innovative and functional gifts. People are constantly looking for custom-made gifts, irresistible offers, attractive discounts during Diwali.

Also, a new trend of indulging in experiences rather than material gifts has gained momentum recently. People indulge in spas, vacations, one-day picnics, events, home cleaning services etc., the list is endless. It is, therefore, a great time to launch a business that can give consumers more value for their money and uniqueness at the same time. Let's look at some of the unique business ideas that you can launch for Diwali.

Best Business Ideas for Diwali

1. House cleaning services:

You know it's Diwali when the house is decluttered, and every corner in the house gets a new lease of life. However, as the cleaning is done, Diwali is already halfway through, and you realise that you’re completely washed out even to celebrate the festival. This is one of the upcoming business prospects that has gained a lot of momentum. People prefer getting their house cleaned and the paintwork is done. If you have good expertise in this, then this is an excellent seasonal business idea to make a profit.

You can collaborate with companies that outsource cleaning and other services to independent contractors. If you market it well, chances are it could not be limited to just being a seasonal business idea but can work for the entire year.

2. Diwali Snacks

Diwali is synonymous with festival sweets, and savoury items. With busy lifestyles, preparing Diwali snacks has become quite cumbersome and people prefer to outsource it often. This business is very profitable provided you ensure that quality is maintained. There is a lot of scopes to innovate in Diwali snacks; you can provide the customer with fancy packing, customised gift boxes, attractive offers and deals to make a good profit.

3. Dry Fruits/ Customised Gifts

Dry fruits are the most popular gifts during Diwali. Diwali is the season when people indulge in several special and unique gift ideas. Dry fruits packaging, specially made chocolates, customised and unique gifts like photo frames or art hampers can be a great idea for Diwali gifting. Trends on social media have suggested the upward rise in gifting options for the Diwali season. If you have a creative side, then this is one of the best Diwali business ideas to leverage.

a man touches decorative items of diwali

4. Diwali Decorative items

Diwali is an indulgent festival, where decorating the house is a common ritual. Selling decorative items, diyas, zhalers etc., can be super profitable and unique business ideas to start with. Another great alternative can be providing a home decoration service for Diwali celebrations. Some families arrange huge events, host get-togethers or card parties where decoration can be outsourced. Selling items or decorating the house as a service are some of the unique business ideas in Diwali.

5. A Green Crackers Store

It’s high time we take environmental concerns seriously and say no to firecrackers. But how can Diwali celebrations be complete without crackers? Maintaining the perfect balance between sustainability and festivity, opening a green crackers store can be the best Diwali business idea. Unlike traditional crackers, green crackers have a small shell size and are made of less harmful raw materials. They are a unique business innovation and not too common as of now. Leveraging these eco-friendly crackers during Diwali can be a profitable business idea.

6. Photography and Video Business

Everyone enjoys reliving their memories through photos and videos, and during Diwali, consumers can order photography or videography services to record family moments or special celebratory moments together. This can be one of the unique business ideas to undertake during Diwali.

7. Diwali Spa Packages

Diwali is also a time for self-indulgence, and trends have shown that people invest in enjoying good services like spa or holidays. At home, Diwali spa packages are in high demand during this festival. If you have the right skills for this service, this can be an excellent seasonal business idea to get involved in.

8. Diwali Festive Outfits Business

Festive wear can be a tough area for consumers, as they are always looking for a good deal for a gorgeous yet unique outfit at the best price. Something that will not loosen their purse strings too much but will also make them look awesome. Festival clothing can be an excellent seasonal business idea to start with. If you have good knowledge of fashion and are interested in the fashion business, this can be a profitable business idea.

9. Diwali Events Coordinator

As discussed earlier, it is common for people to arrange family get-togethers and parties at home during Diwali. This can be a great opportunity if you are an event manager and can put together exciting events, especially for Diwali. You can take care of the decoration, catering, and small presents for the guests in an all-in-one festival package, thus leaving the hosts free to spend time with the guests.

Diwali fire cracker decoration on Diwali day

10. Diwali Holiday Planners

There are a lot of consumers who prefer to celebrate the festival on vacation. There is a huge demand to prepare holiday packages with attractive discounts and irresistible promotional deals to some beautiful destinations. The travel industry has seen tremendous growth in the past decade, and with this idea, one can leverage the potential of the travel industry in the festive season. You can also come up with exciting festival discounts to generate sales.


With each year, many new ideas and concepts catch the trend and attract consumers to change the way they celebrate Diwali. There are plenty of small business ideas that one can delve into to get maximum profit from this festival. If there is an idea that can add more value to the festival celebration, it is sure to catch a consumer's attention. If you have unique business ideas and want to earn good money, Diwali is the best time to take the plunge and convert your idea into a profitable business.

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Q. Which are the most high-demand products in Diwali?

Ans. Diyas, decorative items, sweets, namkeen snacks, rangoli items, puja items, bakery items, crackers, and dry fruits are among the most popular products during Diwali.

Q. What is the average investment in the Diwali business?

Ans. Most businesses can start with an average investment of INR 10,000- 30,000 to buy raw materials and cover some initial costs.

Q. What are green firecrackers?

Ans. Green crackers are an alternative to traditional crackers produced by a directive from the Indian government. It contains less harmful products and causes much less air and noise pollution compared to traditional crackers. Green crackers can be one of the best Diwali business ideas.

Q. What is the impact of the pandemic on the Diwali business?

Ans. Pandemic has given a positive thrust to the Diwali business, with people preferring to buy from home businesses than retail or wholesale. Trends suggest that sales would pick up by 2021, when the impact of the pandemic may have been assumed to be contained.

Q. What is virtual gifting?

Ans. Virtual gifting is a gifting option for customers to buy online products. Some popular examples are OTT subscriptions, shopping vouchers, gift cards, online courses or wellness programs subscriptions or e-books.

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