Best Tech Business Ideas in 2022 [For Techies]

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Best Tech Business Ideas in 2022 [For Techies]

It is the best time for startups in India as Indian business is booming and you can learn by experiencing how startups run in India. To start these businesses in India you do not need to make huge investments. The top 19 startup tech business ideas in India are the following:

1. Computer Repair and Maintenance Company

If your background is technical and you are an expert in computers, then computer repair and maintenance is a great business idea for you to start your business. Repairing computer hardware and software parts is a very sought-after profession in the current technology-related world.

You can also offer maintenance services for operating systems and other major software platforms. As a supplementary business and to increase business income, you can also start selling computer parts such as monitors, hard drives, mice, and other essential computer parts.

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2. Blog Consulting Company

If you love to explore blogging-related ideas and are an expert in the field, you can start your small business as a blogging consultant. It is very profitable as you can support different businesses to run their blogs. You can also start writing blogs for third parties. Explore this business idea and find out whether it is the right one for you.

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3. Computer Training Company

If you are an expert in providing computer training and want to help others to boost their knowledge in computers, you can choose to start a computer training business. It is a great idea to start a tech business in India.

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4. Data Entry Company

The data entry business has many authorised opportunities for entrepreneurs. If you are an expert in typing, then you can easily enter into the data entry business. Apart from being an exceptional typist, you must know all the details about how to start a data entry business to enter this profession.

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5. Mobile Phone Repairing Company

If your talent lies in fixing, you can start a mobile phone or smartphone repairing business where you can fix various issues in customer’s mobile devices.

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6. Mobile Accessory Manufacturing Company

If you are proficient in mobile repairing, then you can also start a small business in manufacturing various mobile accessories such as speakers, charging cords, and lenses.

7. IT Support Company

In India, many small businesses, because of low budgets, cannot afford to hire an in-house or full-time technical support team. They then outsource IT support for running their business.

If your educational background is technical and you are an expert in computer software, you can start your business from network maintenance and setup services, computer recovery and data backup, software management and installation, etc. Based on your client’s services and needs, you can also include mobile device management and security measures in your business.

8. Internet Research Company

These days, a huge amount of information is available online, so if you can quickly find relevant information online, you can start your tech business as an internet researcher who is able to validate and locate online information. Internet research will be a perfect idea to start your business.

businessman clicking on consulting button on virtual screen

9. Social Media Consulting Company

Social media is a powerful marketing tool and a great business idea. If you are skilled in social media and love to help others create their individual social media profiles, you are perfectly fit in the social media consulting business. But before starting this social media consulting business, first learn about the pros and cons of this business.

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10. Web Design Company

If you are trained or a self-learner in a web design course, you can start your small business as a web designer. The web design business is a profitable and fun business idea. Just find out the requirements to start a web design business.

11. Redecorate Device Sales Company

To manufacture original mobile and computer devices can cost a large amount to start your business. So, you can start a business of redecorating older device models with improved and new parts and then sell those devices.

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12. SEO Specialist Company

One of the best tech business ideas to start a business in India is to become an SEO specialist. When you run a business as an SEO specialist, you can help various online publishers optimise their SEO contents.

13. Online Advertising Platform Company

Online advertising is another powerful area of online marketing. Many businesses are looking for online advertising with website owners to earn ad revenue, and hence by creating your platform, you can connect with these businesses.

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14. Digital Marketing Consulting Company

An online marketing business is very helpful for fulfilling every demand of clients, right from advertising to content marketing.

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15. Cheap Home Solar Energy Set-up Company

To save money, Indian residents can generate their power. To fulfil this idea and set your company, first you have to buy and then set up solar equipment for people and ask them to install it on their balconies or roofs.

To buy solar panels, you have to convince at least 10 people who are interested in this service and are ready to pay you before the work is complete.

16. Internet Infrastructure Building Company

Stronger and better internet connectivity has a high demand in India. Currently, there are many Internet providers in India, but mostly in the rural parts of India, there is a lack of Internet speeds. This is why starting an internet infrastructure building company is very essential in India. But one important thing to remember is that it is not a low-cost business, and hence to build a company, a lot of positive impact is necessary.

17. Set up an e-commerce Company

E-commerce is growing very fast in India and so setting up an e-commerce company is a great business idea. This business idea aims to sell cultural items from India. You have to give a low-cost start in this business and can start your partnering with street vendors.

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man showing his hand and the word inventory management coming out of it

18. Inventory Management or Warehouse for E-Commerce Company

To set up a warehouse for an e-commerce company, you need to buy a large piece of land to store goods. Then you need to use a shipping company to send these goods to places where they need to go. In this business idea, you can make money for holding goods on behalf of people in the warehouse. This business idea has the right potential to make a lot of money.

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19. Mobile Wallet Payment Solution Company

For easy business transactions in India, most people believe in an online payment solution. And hence, the growth of mobile wallet payment is extreme as every individual is using smartphones. If you have a decent amount of capital to start your business and expert programmers and coders, you can start a mobile wallet payment solution company.

With the advancement of technology, there are endless money-making opportunities for entrepreneurs in today’s world. The Internet is a good source of knowledge and you will get tons of business ideas on the internet. We also try to help you with the top 19 startup tech business ideas that you can start in India with small investments.

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FAQs on Tech Business Ideas

Q. Can I start a business in the info tech industry?

Ans. If you are a big investor then you can start an info tech industry, such as a telecommunication company.

Q. What is the most profitable business as a startup?

Ans. Currently, digital marketing service is a good business as a startup.

Q. What are the best food tech startups in India?

Ans. Zomato is among the most well-known and successful food tech startups in India.

Q. What are the 4 main business organisations?

Ans. The 4 main business organisations are Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability Company, or LLC and Corporation.

Q. What is the best tech business to start in 2021 in India?

Ans. An affiliate marketing business, such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc, is the best tech business to start in 2021 in India to earn millions.

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