Famous Street Food Of Goa [Must Try Dishes of Goa]

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Famous Street Food Of Goa [Must Try Dishes of Goa]

How You Can Start Its Business Anywhere

Goa is the pocket-sized paradise on India's west coast that integrates Portuguese and Indian heritage, offers tasty delicacies, and undoubtedly, tranquil beaches. This sunshine state has garnered a reputation around the world for its Susegad philosophy of living. This tiny state makes you relax and allows you to have your time to appreciate the laid-back atmosphere of such a pleasant ambience.

Goan cuisine is made of regional resources prevalent amongst the inhabitants of the state. Goa is an Indian state on the west shore of the Arabian Sea along India's coast. Some of the main ingredients of Goan cuisine are rice, fish, coconut, vegetables, beef, pork, and local spices. Also, Goan food without fish is regarded as an unfinished meal. The intensity of the flavours can be envisaged from the tropical location of Goa.

Here, we have compiled some of the famous street food of Goa:

Street food of Goa

1. Ras Omelette

Omelette Pav in Goa is immensely popular along with ras omelette, a traditional omelette served with chicken curry. Any talk of Goan Street food without the famous Ras omelette is incomplete. A typical chicken egg gravy served is an eruption of flavour, leaving you asking for more. Whilst Ras omelettes are mostly available in Goa, Ravi Ras Omelette is very well-known in Panjim.

2. Gadbad Ice Cream

Gadbad Ice is one of Goa's tried and proven street foods. It is a mixture of two or three different ice creams with falooda, jelly or jams, served in large glasses. It's a special summer to please a sweet tooth; after you shop at the markets of Panjim or Mapusa, you will enjoy Gadbad Ice Cream on a hot summer day. This is probably Goa's most adequate street food for those who have a slight inclination towards sweet cuisines.

3. Shawarma

Shawarma is a delicious Asian food observed across the stalls on Goan street. At any time of the day, it's one of the best combinations. There's a reason people grill meat since the inception, and shawarma's delight is one of them. It has sluggish and smoked mildly spiced meat and crooked salad and veggies stacked in a flatbread. One shawarma works just fine for a single person and is flavoursome and delightful.

4. Misal Pav

Misal pav is a portion of Goan popular street food. It is a curry made of moth beans and pav (Indian bread roll). Farsan, Onions, Lemon and Coriander, are on the top of the finished product. It is served with butter or curd, papad and toasted bread or rolls. It is served as a snack and a full meal as a breakfast dish.

Misal Pav is a cheaper and healthier alternative to Pav Bhaji as it is a spicy and nutritious curry consisting of mixed lentils and beans served with pav. This is one of Goa's best street foods while being tasty, cheap and healthy.

5. Samosas

Samosa is indeed a famous snack in India. These are popular in Goan tea stalls, pantries, bus stops and so on. These are flour pastry loaded with moderate hot and freshly fried vegetables. You will enjoy the samosa with chutney or sauce of your preference.

Position this delicious street food on top of the evening chai, not only in Goa but also throughout the entire country – a crispy, light golden pie crust filled with vegetables, meat, chicken, mutton, and much Konkan. The unique beetroot samosas is a suitable choice for local and tourists here in Goa.

6. Fish Thali

Eat the sea wonders like a local with the Goan fish thali, a favourite in the households of Konkan. This meal involves rice, rotis, greens, pickles, clam fried, and many various fish curry forms and fries. This low-cost lunch is good, sweet and delicious!

Every visitor has a recipe to try in Goa, whether at a pub, a beach shack or a tiny corner cafe. A portion of rice, chapatis, peaches, vegetable foods, fried fish and pickles are served in the thali. Many locations also sell meals for the sol curry. An entire meal like fish thali is always tasty and pleasing if you enjoy seafood.

What makes food in Goa so special?

Food is not only a way of life but also an indispensable part of any society. It helps one take culture and heritage into account and is the key to how one perceives oneself.

Flavours, meal plans and preparation, explain how people describe their ancestral roots and how goods and circumstances have grown and improved over time.

Goa's street food diversity is primarily based on seafood, with rice and fish being the fundamental elements. The most widely consumed is kingfish (vison or visvan). Cod, shark, salmon, and sardines, among other river fish, are most commonly consumed as seafood. Crab, creeks, tiger creeks, crab, calamari, and muscles belong to the shellfish category.

When you're in Goa, there is no way to hide from the hot, salty, spicy and sour, delicious food. In reality, instead of limiting your options, you should try it all without scepticism about the same.

Guide to start a business with famous street foods of Goa

Goan cuisine offers tremendous diversity in street food across the country. It is always profitable to start a food service where limited space is required to run the business. It is also imperative to pick a place where people regularly visit, like an area outside parks, cinema halls, and colleges.

Now, a stall would need a fair amount of public area. Therefore, it is always important to have verified the local municipalities' space before forging ahead with the plan. Like any cafe, a food stall needs all applicable permits. In India, the government has already begun to combat disputed business practises across the country's streets. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain the following permits:

  1. FSSAI license.
  2. Municipality permission letter.
  3. Sometimes, NOC from the fire officer and police station.

Talking about the investments, one would require somewhat between 50,000 to 1 Lakh rupees to procure all the necessary equipment for the business's smooth functioning. You might also need inventory or raw materials expected to get wrapped in the initial costing of 20K unless something extravagant is planned for preparing the recipes.

It would be best if you focused on a handful of small dishes that contain much of the same ingredients and make them to the maximum. Since there is so much competition in the world of cooking, the only possible chance of success is to serve top quality food where you have a few varieties of one particular form of cuisine.

Business setup runs parallel with business marketing. Sales would turn up only if you advertise and promote your business in a clear direction, as every other company does. And this caters to additional cost as a part of online and offline marketing campaigns.

samosa served on black stone tray with ketchup and corriander

Why start a business with famous street foods of Goa?

A street food stall requires a very minimal initial investment. Moreover, most of the Goan street foods are highly popular among the Indian. Thus, there is an excellent chance of adequate acceptance among customers. A great benefit of a food stall is that it has a significantly lower resource dependency, helping you launch and run the food business with ease.


There are undoubtedly many scopes in the street food business to earn a decent profit as the demand for the same increases day by day. The amount of profit you end up making depends on the kind of food you sell, where you sell it, whether your business is a solo business or a family-run business, and whether your business is part or full-time.

There are drawbacks like any other business, and in this industry, not everyone is prosperous. There are things you have to worry about to make money out of street food for yourself. You have to pick the correct position from your market analysis to have a buffer to counteract. This is just about balancing objectives, and there's no justification that you can't make revenue from street food if you do it appropriately.

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FAQs on street food of Goa

Q. Which is the famous food in Goa?

Ans. Pork Vindaloo, Sanna, Power and Goan red rice are some of the famous foods in Goa.

Q. Why is a street food business better than a restaurant business?

Ans. The street food business involves a very minimal cost of setting up. Also, the maintenance cost, taxes are also very less as compared to restaurants.

Q. What is the best street breakfast in Goa?

Ans. Pav bhaji is the most acclaimed breakfast across the entire Goa.

Q. How can you price your street food menu?

Ans. The menu pricing can be calculated by dividing the raw Food Cost of the item by ideal Food Cost Percentage.

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