How to Become a Fitness Instructor in India? [Gym Trainer Course, Salary]

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How to Become a Fitness Instructor in India? [Gym Trainer Course, Salary]

The prospects for fitness training are increasing exponentially. A huge number of fitness enthusiasts are hitting the business. The growing awareness of a balanced lifestyle is the key explanation for this. Certified personal trainers may operate from various facilities, such as a fitness centre, a gym, or a university. There is an increasing number of fitness freaks on social networking sites, promoting modern ways of keeping healthy, and fitness reform worldwide and in India.

How To Become A Fitness Trainer?

  • Have the necessary skills: Being in the exercise field is not for all. To be effective in this business, you must be dedicated to becoming fit and helping others do the same. Fitness trainers can help individuals get inspired to exercise. Strong interpersonal skills are needed for a fitness trainer.
  • Take a qualification exam: Certification by a recognised association is a criterion for joining the fitness industry. Many organisations provide health testing programs, with written and realistic assessments.
  • Specialisation: You will extend your training experience by taking speciality courses in your chosen area. If you are involved in weight lifting or functional fitness, enrol for advanced courses specific to that area.
  • On-the-job training: Work experience is a necessity if you choose to become a professional fitness trainer. Many companies recruit people, depending on their expertise. Freshers may serve as assistants with trained fitness professionals to obtain practical experience.

To Whom does this Profession Apply?  

To remain fit and safe, you must have the drive to do so and make it enjoyable for others. You must have the flexibility and courage to interact with various groups, connect with them, and describe the details to them clearly. Therefore, a personal fitness instructor must be mindful of proper safety standards and uphold a strong work ethic. Because of the various fitness verticals that a personal trainer is attached to in relation to different diets, different forms of diet, and the human body's functioning, there is a broad range of skills that you must learn to become a trainer. Individuals who are aspiring to become personal fitness trainers should be energetic and have a lot of endurance.  

Hike in Demand for Fitness Trainers

The Indian fitness industry has seen an unprecedented development from beginner-level fitness programs to the most prestigious, top-level programs. There used to be a period when the career of a personal trainer was not deemed lucrative enough. Nowadays, certified trainers are essential. Previously, the fitness instructor was just someone who had some workable understanding of the training session. In 2021, people have become increasingly aware of their wellness and fitness related problems. Be it children or older people; everybody needs to develop their physical self to feel more secure. Due to the shortage of proper personal trainers, there is a demand for skilled trainers in the gym.

A Fitness Trainer's Task

There are many responsibilities that a fitness instructor is required to carry out.

  • Fitness coaches are employed to help people attain and sustain a healthy physique, prepare and execute fitness schedules, and offer guidance about diet and wellness. It's about helping people meet their expectations and ensuring they get in shape and keep in shape.
  • To assist the clients with the health objectives, a fitness instructor must ensure that their clients are motivated to meet their goals. Furthermore, the fitness trainer is in charge of supervising their clients to ensure that they utilise the fitness gear appropriately.
  • A personal trainer is also tasked to manage group workout courses and train individual clients whenever they need. Fitness trainers will have to stay updated with any latest technologies and innovations in their profession.
  • Fitness training allows people to relax and keep fit by having formal workout schedules and exercise. Trainers help people accomplish their fitness goals and improve their stamina.
  • Proper qualifications are essential to become a fitness instructor while providing a healthy training atmosphere for your clients. Employers need a certification, such as the Registered Exercise Professional (REPs).

The Influence of Social Networking Sites

Digitalisation has created a wide range of new jobs. Online Workout Trainer is a regular professional role in the fitness industry at present. Nowadays, trainers utilise social networking platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, as a way of their practice. The growing usage of social networking has helped people create and sustain online connections and extend their professional network.

How to Utilise the Skills and Abilities of the Clients?

It is pertinent to determine the abilities and limitations of the client.

  • A personal trainer must be a role model and a strong motivator for their clients. It calls for a great deal of attention and effort. A personal trainer often requires a great amount of drive and determination to teach their clients properly else, it will not be successful. You need extraordinary dedication and determination along with enthusiasm for health to follow such an agenda.
  • It involves in-depth awareness of human anatomy, diet, musculature, nutrition, and exercise evaluation. A personal trainer should have ample expertise in designing and executing exercise plans that vary according to the client's goals and fitness standards.
  • They ought to have confidence and organisational skills and business savviness when approaching potential customers and employees from high-end industries. A personal fitness trainer must demonstrate excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Personality Traits of a Trainer

The fitness trainer must have the following traits:

  • Caring and supporting nature.
  • Strong conversation abilities.
  • Passion about exercise and fitness.

Gym Training Courses and Certification

The qualification of personal trainers was not initially regarded as necessary. Nowadays, the value of professional certification has increased.

  • REPs was introduced in India for transforming the health and wellness market by offering accreditation and high-quality. The legislation set up REPs to shield the public from unfit coaches, thus, improving the standards of the fitness industry.
  • If you are trying to develop a career in fitness training, qualification will guarantee that you follow the requirements provided by the industry and, at the same time, provide opportunities and exposure to others in the industry.

How Much Can One Earn? | Fitness Trainer Salary

The salary for a personal trainer changes based on the type of gym they are hired by. Gym trainers start earning around Rs.30,000-50,000 per month in India. When a trainer has a decent number of client transitions, supportive consumer testimonials, a powerful social networking profile, and a web platform, the turnover slab can be comfortably achieved in lakhs.

What Incentives Come with this Work?  

Fitness coaches must feel satisfied when they help a person reach a target. There is no repetition or monotony on the job because the teacher keeps trying something different for the trainees. The workplace climate is also nice.

What are the Negatives of Becoming a Fitness Trainer?

  • One must possess several certificates before they can become a certified trainer.
  • As a fitness trainer, one usually starts with a meagre salary.
  • Often personal coaches may have to practice outside in poor weather conditions.
  • Fitness coaches must ensure that they preserve their fitness to sustain their careers.


Fitness training will provide an individual with a decent livelihood for the future. It is a work that is not just enriching but also rewarding. As a leader, a fitness instructor must be willing to empower and encourage others to achieve their health objectives. With an increasing demand for healthy living, partially due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more people are attracted to health and wellness occupations. Staying fit is the need of the hour and the order of the day in the post-pandemic world.

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Q. Is ‘fitness trainer’ a good career option in India?

Ans. In India, trainers earn between Rs. 50,000, and Rs. 12,50,000 per month once they are established.

Q. Who is the richest fitness trainer in the world?

Ans. Tony Little.

Q. How much does a personal trainer cost in India?

Ans. It begins at around Rs. 750 and goes up to Rs. 2000 for an hour. Depending on how many hours you employ an instructor for, it will cost you between Rs. 12,000 and Rs. 30,000 a month.

Q. Our fitness trainers in demand?

Ans. Fitness coaches and instructors are predicted to see a rise in employment over the next decade, and a higher than the average job growth for other professions.

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