How To Get Electric Bike Dealership In India?

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How To Get Electric Bike Dealership In India?

Table of Contents:

1. Electric Bike Dealership Opportunity

2. Demand For Electric Bike Dealership

3. How To Apply For Electric Scooter Dealership Cost?

4. Electric Bike Franchise Cost

FAQs On Electric Bike Dealership Cost

1. Electric Bike Dealership Opportunity

Businesses in India are growing rapidly, and many are also looking for unique business ideas that could help people of their city, town, locality, etc. Small profitable business ideas sectors are clothing & accessories, food, delivery service, etc., and many more.

If you own a small scale business that involves the use of transport service, then it is necessary that you need to keep in check how much daily petrol or other fuel you need to provide your services or products on time. With an increasing number of private vehicles, the consumption of duels is also increasing, which is causing more pollution in the environment and health issues to the people. This could be one of the best business ideas.

2. Demand For Electric Bike Dealership

The rising use of petrol or diesel vehicles has given rise to air pollution which is increasing day-by-day. Thus, alternative electric Vehicles are introduced as a clean source of energy for Vehicles. The rise in petrol prices has also made it unaffordable for the common person, and thus, many are switching to electric transportation.

The benefits of using electric bikes are that it is pollution-free and which makes it cost-effective. Thus, the government is encouraging more manufacturers and dealers to sell electronic bikes. Anyone willing to start a business or looking for small profitable business ideas can apply for an electric bike dealership. A question might arise for some of you, how to get an Electric Bike Franchise Cost? Do not worry, get it covered for you. Keep reading to know more about how to get a bike dealership.

Businessman draw growing line symbolise growing market potential.

Market Potential

As per the studies conducted by Mordor Intelligence, the Indian electric bike market was valued at USD 1.02 million in 2020, with a projected CAGR of 12.69% by 2026. With news of the new entrant Harley- Davidson in the e-bike segment, the market forces are very much in favour of this new segment of automobiles. Due to the COVID 19 situation, the market sales were reduced, resulting in a net sales dip of USD 0.68 million compared to 2019. But that situation is expected to recover in the coming years as more and more automobile companies will focus on this sector. Startups like Rapido and Ola are also working along with this sector and planning to ramp up their production line in the near future.

3. How To Apply For Electric Scooter Dealership Cost?

Follow the given steps to apply for an electronic bike dealership:

Step 1: You need to open the official company website for which you are applying. The open the application form for the electronic bike dealership

Step 2: After the submission of the electronic bike dealership application, the company will send a reply to you for verification

Step 3: The company will send their officer to your location to verify the place

Step 4: After getting approval from the company, you need to pay the full dealership amount.

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Step 5: Once the payment is made, you are ready to start your business

The common process for many automobile dealerships is as below:

  • Fill form
  • Secure surety bond
  • Buy liability insurance for all the vehicles in your showroom
  • Apply for a GST tax number
  • Then develop your present showroom location

In India, companies like Hero, Mahindra, TVS, Bajaj, and Joy provide electronic bike dealerships. To support the sale of electronic bikes, the FAME India scheme has been started. The electric bike is also eligible for a subsidy of 10,000 rupees per kilowatt-hour of the battery capacity. The market for electronic transportation is increasing, and more business related to electric bikes is spreading across the countries. Thus, for anyone looking for the best business ideas, an electronic bike dealership is one of them.

Business in an electric bike

If you are looking for some new business ideas, you can start a showroom for electronic bikes. A dealer in an electronic bike is the best business idea as more people are switching to electronic transportation due to its environmentally friendly features. Many companies provide the opportunity for you to start a business in a dealership of electric bikes. So a question might arise here about the process to get a dealership and how much investment you might need to get started with the business. For starters, you might need a commercial space which may vary depending upon the area and the location.

Investment in electronic bike dealership

The starting investment to start an electric bike dealership is somewhere between 30 lakhs and 50 lakhs rupees. Apart from a commercial space is required to start the dealership business. Thus, the total cost to start and run the business efficiently is around 30 lakhs to 50 lakhs. The difference in amount is due to your location, the state you are opening in due to tax considerations, and your advertising and marketing budget. You can take a loan from banks or finance your business with your savings. Although banks are a cheaper and risk-free way of starting businesses, you can easily repay the debts with a good profitable future.

coin stack with growth chart for financial and banking concept
Electric Bike Dealership Opportunity

4. Electric Bike Franchise Cost

The electronic bike dealership business is a profitable business that will be dominant in the coming times. With a focus on conservable energy usage, the shift to electronic vehicles will positively impact the environment. OkCredit brings to you all the information required for starting an electronic bike dealership business from scratch. You will need a minimum starting investment of INR 10 lakhs to start this business on a small scale. Yet, in coming times, due to a good margin of more than 5%, your dealership business can do wonders, making you quickly expand your business.

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FAQs On Electric Bike Dealership Cost

Q. What are the advantages of electronic bikes over regular bikes?

Ans. The following list the advantages of electronic bikes over regular bikes:

  • The presence of fewer consumables in an electric bike makes it low cost and hassle-free low maintenance.
  • Environmental friendly
  • An electric bike costs much less than regular petrol-powered bikes.
  • They use clean energy source, which causes less air pollution
  • They consist of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Q. Is a dealership in electric bikes a good business opportunity?

Ans. Yes, starting a business in an electric bike dealership is beneficial for many reasons:

  • With increasing air pollution and degrading air quality, the government is emphasising using electric vehicles, which causes much less pollution and low cost. The sales of electric bikes tend to increase, which makes it a perfect business opportunity.
  • Many brands are providing dealership opportunities with an easy registration and verification process.

Q. What is the process to apply for an electric bike dealership for Hero?

Ans. Follow the given below process to apply for an electronic bike dealership at Hero:

Step 1: Go to the official website of Hero to apply for the dealership

Step 2: Open the application form and enter your personal, educational, etc.

Step 3: Enter your property and investment details

Step 4: Next, if you have any current business running, enter their details, or if it is your first business, fill NA.

Q. What is the minimum amount required to invest in Bajaj electronic bike dealership?

Ans. The minimum amount for investing in Bajaj electronic bike dealership would be around 20 lakhs to 50 lakhs. Here's why:

  • You need space for your showroom of at least 1100 sqft and some interior design to make it look attractive, which could cost around 25lakhs.
  • Electronic bikes for one month sale should be purchased, which will cost around 5lakh to 20 lakh.
  • The spare parts required in case of replacement or damage in the electric bike cost around 15 lakhs.

Q. Which are the major companies that provide electronic bike dealership opportunities?

Ans. The following companies are the ones that provide electronic bike dealership opportunities for you:

  • Mahindra
  • Joy
  • Bajaj
  • Hero
  • TVS
  • Revolt
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