How To Get An Electric Vehicles Dealership? [EV Dealership Business Plan]

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How To Get An Electric Vehicles Dealership? [EV Dealership Business Plan]

Table of Contents:

1. Electric Vehicle Dealership Business Plan

2. How to Start an Electric Vehicle Dealership?

3. Electric Car Dealership Opportunities In India

4. Requirements For Electric Vehicles Dealership

5. Dealership Training on Electric Vehicle Adoption Or Electric Car Dealership

6. Key Takeaways

7. FAQs On Electric Vehicles Dealership

1. Electric Vehicle Dealership Business Plan

Dealerships are influential industry leaders for the efficient introduction and infrastructure of electric vehicles. They are the first point of communication with the user in the electric vehicles diaspora. A dealer may also be a workplace where their workers who drive electric vehicles have an electric system. Sales workers will also switch from one distributor to another. A dealer's values, the Management Officer, Finance and Insurance Officers, Service Managers, and Technicians, are the prominent people in a dealer who can affect electric vehicles’ purchasing.

Each of them will intersect with the customer and influence their purchase choices. The transition of information from the dealer to the customer is a significant barrier to the acceptance and optimisation of electric vehicles. The distributor sales team was the first point of touch with most buyers of electric vehicles. Dealers also have high sales volume and are inspired by annual, quarterly, and monthly sales. The key focus of the firm is to close new automotive sales, service, and accessories.

2. How to Start an Electric Vehicle Dealership?

Step-1: Perform analysis on the market

Analyse the market, research what product is liked by the customers, and analyse the demand. You must remember how your business could draw some of your customers' demand while evaluating the demand.

Step-2: Identify the closest client

Each corporation must recognise its ideal client. Your perfect client is a list of the qualities that the best customers share. You should plan your company to suit your needs by determining the perfect buyer.

Step-3: Calculate the market growth

The purpose of your market research for dealerships is to decide whether your commodity has adequate demand. Finally, you have to consider how much you can attract your goods and your buyers’ demand from the market revenue.

3. Electric Car Dealership Opportunities In India

Setting up a Dream Team - Role of People in the EV Dealership. Let us look at some of the job opportunities for the same:

1- Sales Manager

Sales representatives can meet with the clients on the phone, online, or in-person. They should tell you about the time of charging, battery time, or electric vehicle range of a specific electric car.

2- The Assistant Sales Manager

One rank above the sales employees, which is generally concluded and figures addressed. Your goal is to agree. The sales manager is typically the ultimate judge on the price of the vehicle.

3- The Finance Manager

The finance manager establishes the deal and funding. The Finance Manager can add additional options or facilities, such as warranties or goods, at this point.

4- The Manager

At the dealership, the highest floor would be the Manager. They can also make choices on investments in infrastructure for electric vehicles. Their prominent job is to talk to the suppliers. They can also have shared, either as a sole proprietor or member of a broader community, in the dealership.

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5- Technician/Workers in Part & Support

Usually, hybrid vehicles need minimum maintenance - based on whether they are plug-in vehicles or all-electric. At some stage, the technician will consult with the customer and provide feedback on the electric vehicle’s necessary care. Also, to get more details or buy a Level 2 charging station, a customer can visit the parts & support workers.

6- Stakeholders

The infrastructure for electric vehicles involves important players beyond the environment of automakers. Main participants include suppliers, dealers, electricians, and users of electric vehicle supply equipment. The manufacture of electric vehicles also conducts rigorous research for the automaker, including compatibility, optimal charging time measurement, department testing, and field testing. Electrical distribution, retail dealers, or vendors of vehicle parts and equipment may be part of the dealer. The electrical contractor can be part of a company, franchise, or independent of a wider group. Many of the stakeholders in the supply chain rely on the manufacturer of EV's for training: sales bulletins, video, customer support, instruction.

4. Requirements For Electric Vehicles Dealership

  • A showroom of around 1500-2000 square ft. You require a service area of 5 bays. Another investment for room and infrastructure could set you back. They need a yard to carry a month's product. You could get a mortgage on the property.
  • The desire to purchase a month's inventory. Around investment will be required for this. Banks can give you loans to purchase stock, with the stock being the collateral. Hire a good Team of at least 15 people—the need to hire persons directly from the GM to the cleaning workers.
  • Need to provide adequate money to pay running costs, such as employment, power, generator, and over a minimum duration of 6 months. To meet the break-even expectations, have good marketing staff.

5. Dealership Training on Electric Vehicle Adoption Or Electric Car Dealership

Electric vehicles have many benefits, but it would still be cheaper for dealership workers to market internal combustion vehicles without adequate education, preparation, and promotions. With no commission gap and fewer questions to answer, the salesperson will lead their customer towards Items they recognise or have inherited knowledge of. Evidence, rewards, and motivation will transform the salesperson’s paradigm to put the electric car inside their comfort zone. Dealerships are assessed by purchases of new vehicles, the amount of operation, and purchases of accessories. The distributorships are Centred on weekly, quarterly, and annual metrics, calculated frequently.

Their distribution workers also have high turnover and do not have the time or incentives to think about emerging technologies or business patterns. For new hires, the training made available by the automakers to dealership employees is always lost. The most experienced dealerships included those as their regular driver for dealership management and sales employees. The most interested workers even had an EV's to use at the dealership and the house of the dealer values. Daily use of electric vehicles helped dealership workers understand and better convey EVs Consumers’ value proposition with opportunity.

Electrical infrastructure installation should cover the servicing area and the dealership front. Similar to a car wash, many clients require their electric vehicle to be charged during service. For customers and other electric car drivers, the charging facility in front of the dealership could be crucial.

6. Key Takeaways

In the next few years, with manufacturers lining up their EVs for delivery, it won't be incorrect to suggest that the growth of Indian motoring is finally here. And both of us ought to be part of it. Electric vehicles are eco-friendly. For any country, electric vehicles are fine, as they reduce air pollution and diesel import bills. For developing countries like India, electric cars may be a good development. When all of the cars are replaced by electric vehicles in 2030, it's being mentioned. Before accepting electric cars as compulsory, it must also have adequate charging stations and parking spaces, and the best part is that it will be "Made in India."

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7. FAQs On Electric Vehicles Dealership

Q. How much investment is needed to venture into electric car dealership opportunities in India?

Ans- For electric car dealership opportunities in India a minimal investment of approx 3 Lakh to 5 Lakh Rupees is needed.

Q. How can I get electric car dealership in India?

Ans- The requirements for Electric Car Dealership in India are:

  1. A showroom of around 1500-2000 sq ft.
  2. You require a service area of 5 bays.
  3. They need a yard to carry a month's product.
  4. The desire to purchase a month's inventory.
  5. Banks can give you loans to purchase stock, with the stock being the collateral.

Q. Which companies will benefit from electric cars in India?

Ans- A few multinational who can benefit from electric car dealership opportunities in India are:

  • Minda Industries
  • Maruti Suzuki
  • Amar Raja Batteries

Q. How can I start a bike dealership in India?

Ans- First of all, access the brand's website that you want the showroom to open. Then open the application tab for the dealership. For example, open the page where you can apply and fill the form to become a dealer. Similarly, any brand as such available in India may be used.

Q. How long do electric cars take to charge?

Ans- A standard electric car with 60kWh battery charges under 8 hours. For more electric cars you can purchase a 50kW rapid charger and add up to 100 miles of range.

Q. Is it worth buying electric car in India?

Ans- With petrol and diesel prices reaching up to ₹92 in many states, electric cars become a safe and cost-effective option in the longer run. This affordable driving experience is also better due to cheaper Maintenance costs than regular cars.

Q. Which is the cheapest electric car in India?

Ans- The top five cheapest electric cars in India in 2021 are:

  1. Tata Tigor EV
  2. Tata Nexon EV
  3. Hyundai Kona Electric SUV
  4. Mahindra e-Verito
  5. MG ZS EV

Q. Do electric vehicles need license?

Ans- Two-wheeler electric vehicles with a top speed of less than or up to 25 kmph along with other electric vehicles whose power is up to 250Ws do not require a driving license. Anything above these criteria and 4 wheelers need a proper license.

Q. What is the dealership contract period with the company?

Ans- The company's dealership agreement is extended every two years.

Q. What would the dealership's area of operations be?

Ans- The dealership will be granted a separate field of activity for operations related to sales and service. It is known as the Command Field. Cross-selling in the field of another dealer is not permitted.

Q. What assistance would the new dealership get from the company?

Ans- The company will have all plans, models, and interior designs for the showroom and workshop in compliance with the corporate identity requirements. The company will provide workforce instruction to technical workshop workers at the sites of the company. Education will be provided to the sales staff on product functionality, customer handling, sales processes.

Q. Is the service cost of EV's will be cheaper in terms of petrol and diesel vehicles?

Ans- The addition of solar and wind power capacity in India outpaced the expansion of coal-fired power capacity in 2017. The electricity they produce is now cheaper than coal-fired power (for utility-scale projects). Therefore in combination with higher energy density for li-ion batteries, more affordable power from renewables is ideal for reducing the per kilometer driving costs of EVs far below those of traditional vehicles. Once again, this would generate greater demand from buyers searching for alternatives to ever-volatile expenses for petrol and diesel.

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