Transformer Manufacturers In India [Top Manufacturers]

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Transformer Manufacturers In India [Top Manufacturers]

If you are looking for the best transformer manufacturers in India, you have come to the right place. There are various transformer manufacturers in India, and almost all of their claims are the best. However, it is not always the case. Getting a taste of reality is not that easy. That’s why we have done our research to find the top transformer manufacturers in India. But before going to the list, let's understand the transformers.

Understanding transformer device

The transformer is an electronic entity different from motion machines like motors. The transformer is the manager of voltage. It is concerned with the limitation of voltage and its regulation in an electronic system. The types of transformers are minimal. However, they can vary according to the voltage, consumption, and circuit. The primary function of the transformers is to generate voltages. The generation involves transmission also. The electrical energy is taken from one point to another by the transformer.

Types of Transformer:

The transformers can be divided into various segments as follows:

  • Step-up transformer
  • Step-down transformer
  • Air-core transformer
  • Iron core transformer
  • Power transformer
  • Distribution transformer
  • Measurement transformer

The first division is done based on voltage influence. According to it, the first one is a step-up transformer and step-down transformer. The next division is done based on the core material of the transformer. According to this classification, the transformer can be divided into an air-core transformer and an iron core transformer. The next classification is done by taking the foundation of usage. The segment involves a power transformer, distribution transformer, and measurement transformer.

The need for using a transformer

The use of electronic circuits is done in almost every electronic setup. The transformers are used for managing the flow of voltage in the circuits. If we talk about different electronic circuits, then a few of them are required to enhance the voltage. In such a case of voltage increment, transformers are needed. So, in other words, to regulate the flow of voltage, we require a transformer.

Top Transformer manufacturers in India

Here is the list of our top transformer manufacturers in India! Let's begin.

1. ABB India

ABB India has been concerned with dealing with power and robotic entities. It gets a 100% subsidy from several global companies. The company size boasts several 1,40,000 employees on an international level. They have their headquarters in more than 100 countries. India has received a lot of investment through ABB. There are 12 manufacturing units of ABB in our subcontinent. The process output product of ABB includes power electronics, inverters, switches, circuits, etc.

From the beginning until the end, all the project operations are managed. So, to throw light on some successful projects done by ABB, the project names are Lighting control solution, UHVDC link, etc. They are known for supplying power grids, motors, generators, etc. The new innovative products launched by ABB India are very famous. They aim for stirring a revolution in the domain of technology and power. They launched their HDVC technology. This technology is now used to decrease power losses and energy transmission.

High voltage transformer

2. Uttam Bharat

The company was first established in 1983. Currently, it holds 7th position for its performance manufacturing in India. For the last 30 years, they have provided high-class products that ensure their quality with international standards. It is also certified by ISO. They also have a large manufacturing unit where we can find different modern types of equipment. The company has a workforce of around 200 employees. The company is known for establishing a top transformer manufacturer in India. Innovative tools and a skilled workforce have enabled them to provide the best quality products to their users.

3. ALSTOM India

The company is famous for delivering high-end quality products to its customers. They were established in 1911. Since then, they have been working in transformer manufacturing in India. The main domains of their working comprise the railway and the service sector. However, the influence on the railway is much more. They also provide their services to develop large systems and provide services or equipment for the same purpose. The company works in various domains and mainly works near the government to manage the railway services.

They are known to build rolling stocks for some of the famous Indian trains like Rajdhani. Their workforce comprises various skilled and experienced people who understand the operational requirements of the systems. Further, they build solutions on the same course of directions. They have more than 1800 working officials in their company. Their manufacturing point is situated in Andhra Pradesh.

4. Transformers and Rectifiers India Ltd.

The company has scored 4th place in the list of top manufacturers in India. They comprise the use of the latest technology in their production processes. With highly skilled employees and the best quality raw material, the company is famous for its high-quality products. They have implemented top-notch quality products in their collection for years. That’s why they have been able to manage the trust of their customers for so long. The company has also received accreditation from ISO. The company also offers its services to international clients from the US and Canada. The company was established in 1994 and till now it is known for its amazing quality products.

5. Kirloskar Electric Company Ltd.

The company has its headquarters in Bangalore, and it came into existence in 1994. The company incorporates modern technology and conventional trust values. The company holds 9 manufacturing points along with 34 sales offices in India. The progression of the manufacturing and sales departments of the company is still on go. With more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality transformers, the company has become a large transformer producer in India. They gather an annual profit of Rs. 314.41 Cr. The innovative ways of exploring new methods of development have taken society to a different place.

High voltage transformer with electrical insulation

6. Kotson

The main headquarters of the company is situated in Delhi. The company came into existence in 1979, and since then it's flourishing because of its highly valuable working values. The working range of the company is very wide. They are into power transmission as well as distribution. Among all the sites, three units of the company are situated in India. One is in Rajasthan where the Northern point of business is taken care of. The other two are situated in Uttaranchal and Uttar Pradesh. The working environment of the company is very productive and well-structured. They hold an annual profit value of around 100 cr to 500Cr.


The type of transformer for every system can change. The top transformer manufacturers in India are Kotson, ALSTOM, ABB, etc. They have been working in this domain for years and now they have marked their place. The determination of the best transformer manufacturer can be done by factors like processing, customer feedback, manufacturing, collection entities, etc.

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Let's answer some of the very common questions that come into mind regarding the transformer.

Q. What are the benefits of using a transformer in the circuit?

Ans. The transformer helps in managing the voltage. This makes sure that the voltage flow in the circuit aligns with the requirement of the devices. This enhances the security and safety of the circuit.

Q. How top transformer manufacturers are chosen?

Ans. In our research, we used various parameters to compare the transformer manufacturers. We took experience, client feedback, and accreditation levels to conduct the ranking.

Q. How do different types of transformers affect the working of an electrical system?

Ans. The electrical systems require specifically designed transformers depending upon the type of the electrical circuit. Mostly the step-up and step-down transformers are used in the circuits. But sometimes, the need for the circuit may change, and so does the type of required transformer.

Q. Does the voltage capability of the circuit affect the type of required transformer?

Ans. Yes, for different voltage values, the used transformers are also changed. The transformers with higher capability are needed for large systems.

Q. How to determine the right type of transformer?

Ans. The type of transformer for any electrical system depends upon mainly these factors.

  • Voltage
  • Purpose of the system
  • The flow of the power
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