Plastic Bottle Manufacturers In India [Best Manufacturers]

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Plastic Bottle Manufacturers In India [Best Manufacturers]

In 1957, plastic bottle manufacturing in India began with the production of polystyrene. The significant progress after this start led to the growth of various top companies of plastic bottle manufacturers in India. Now, India's plastic bottle manufacturing industry can host more than 2,000 exporters.

Plastic bottle manufacturers use one of four types of plastic to make plastic bottles. Generally, they use polyethylene terephthalate (PET) to make portable plastic bottles and other plastic bottles. PET, derived from crude oil, is also the base material for most plastic water bottles.

What is the process of manufacturing plastic bottles?

The plastic bottle manufacturing process functions in stages. It starts with pouring the pellets into a machine and then heating it to a very high temperature to make them a thick liquid. The manufacturer then injects this viscous liquid into moulds of the desired shape, in which the plastic gets hardened.

Who are the top plastic bottle manufacturers in India?

In India, there are around 13 companies that are considered top plastic bottle manufacturers. All these companies are certified suppliers, and they deal in both the import and export business. Let us look at the details of these companies:

1. Instech India Systems Private Limited:

This company is in New Delhi. It is a service provider of Assets and Designing Valuation of Plant and Machinery, Plants Designing, New Project Planning, Chemical Plant Designing, Industrial Plants Designing, Liquid Measuring Equipment, and Supplier of Distillery Waste Water Recycling Plant, etc.

Instech India Systems is a renowned supplier of bottles, packaging plastics, tubes, etc. They also have a plastic bottle manufacturing plant and plastic product-making equipment and machinery.

2. National Bottle House:

National Bottle House is a plastic bottle manufacturer company situated in Tilak Bazar, New Delhi. This company is a supplier, manufacturer, trader, and wholesaler of all types of plastic bottles.

Its range includes pet bottles, airless bottles, shampoo bottles, cosmetic jars, tablet containers, pharmaceutical bottles, cream jars, mouthwash bottles, eye drop bottles, etc.

3. Sneha Plastics Private Limited:

Sneha Plastics Private Limited is a merchant exporter situated in Dadar, Mumbai. They are exporters of the Food and Agriculture industry.

They export Potato Wafer Plants, Fruits Juice Processing Plants, Organic Waste Biodegradation Plants, Tomato Juice/Puree/Paste Plants, Fuel Bricks From Agro Waste Plants, Perfumed Petroleum Jelly Packaging Plants, Oil Milling Plants, and Pesticides Formulation Plants, etc.

PET bottles in the rail on the conveyor belt

4. Technopet Machineries:

Technopet Machineries is an exporter and manufacturer of PET stretch blowing semi and fully automatic machines for jars and bottles. This company is in Kandivali, Mumbai. They are the leading suppliers of plastics products, plastic bottles, packaging tubes, etc.

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5. Suyash PET International Private Limited:

Suyash PET International Private Limited is an exporter and manufacturer company situated in Thane. They export and manufacture Automatic Pet Stretch Blow moulding Machines, moulds, Accessories, etc.

They are also suppliers of PET breeding equipment, agricultural and forestry machinery and equipment, PET requisites and accessories, etc.

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6. Delta Machine Craft:

Delta machine craft is in Malad (W), Mumbai.

They are manufacturer and exporter of plastic injection moulding machines, Extrusion Plants for Bags, Compression moulding Machines, Pipes, Extrusion Plants for Bags, Compounding, Horizontal Plunger, Vertical Plunger, Vertical Screw-Machine, Waste Plastic Recycling Plant, Bags Making Machine, Pipe & Profile Extrusion Plant, Pelletisers, and Vacuum forming machine, etc.

7. Intercer Engineering Works:

Intercer Engineering Works is in Navi Mumbai. They are exporters and manufacturers of plastic bottles, glass, Dies materials and mould, chemicals and fabrication, etc. Furthermore, they are also a supplier of plastic products and glass fiber reinforced plastic products.

8. Pranam Plasti-Mech Exports Private Limited:

This company is also in Mumbai. They are merchant exporters of plastic injection moulds and blow moulds, ancillary equipment, spare parts for plastic machinery, engineering items, and plastic products.

9. Innopack Industries:

Innopack Industries is a Bengaluru-based company. They are one of the top plastic bottle manufacturers in India.

They manufacture plastic products Hdpe Cartridge For Silicon Sealant, Benderella Stick, Injection moulding, Exporters Of Gherkin or Cornichons Lifters and HDPE Plastic Bottle, Benderella Stick, Plastic Products and Hdpe Plastic Bottle, etc.

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10. Advance Hydrau-Tech Private Limited:

This company is an exporter and manufacturer of recycling machines, hydraulic processes, consultancy, recycling solutions, etc. They supply packaging and preservation services for agricultural products, baling services for farm products, etc.

11. Plastmech Engineers:

Plastmech engineers is an exporter and manufacturer of plastic injection modules and plastic bottle manufacturing plants suppliers. This company location is in Andheri (E), Mumbai.

They are also an exporter and manufacturer of plastic accessories moulds, unscrewing moulds, automatic moulds, injection blow moulds, furniture pipe moulds used for automobile, industrial, gift, packaging, and household items.

12. Captel International Private Limited:

Captel International Private Limited is a plastic manufacturing company situated in Mumbai. They are also suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters of drum cap seals, wadding and induction machinery, induction seals & EPE liners, easy-open ends and easy-peel membranes, etc.

process of bottling on production line

13. Rimco Polymer:

Rimco polymer is a Mysore, India-based company. They are a supplier and manufacturer of PET bottles and jars.

Likewise, they also supply plastic bottles, packaging tubes, plastic products, etc.

14. BSM Technologies Pvt Ltd:

BSM Technologies Pvt Ltd is a company situated in Hyderabad. They are exporters and manufacturers of Access Panels, material handling, automation, aluminum extrusion handling equipment, aluminum tongs, structural fabrication bollards, corona rings, etc. Moreover, they are also a supplier of plastic products.

15. Livia Polymer Bottles Private Limited:

Livia Polymer Bottles Private Limited is a company situated in Pudukkottai, India. They manufacture high-quality PP and PET containers and plastic jar bottles in different sizes, colours, and shapes.


The above are the top plastic bottle manufacturers in India. Most of these companies are manufacturers and exporters of PET bottles and jars.

The plastic bottle manufacturing business is very profitable in India. You can earn Rs 30,000 to 40,000 profit per month by selling plastic bottles costing Rs 15 to Rs 17. The blow moulding machine costs Rs 10 lakhs to 15 lakhs, and the mould costs between Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,00,000. You also need to buy a water chiller or cooling tower for cooling purposes.

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Q. What is the cost of a plastic bottle in India?

Ans. The per kg production cost of plastic bottles in India is Rs 20 to 24 per manufacturing calculation. And the price of a one-litre bottle is Rs 11.50. Add the cap and label, and it costs Rs 13 per bottle.

Q. What is the name of a famous plastic manufacturer?

Ans. ExxonMobil is known as a famous plastic manufacturing company. This company produces diesel, petrochemicals, gasoline, plastics, and other plastic products.

Q. What is the basic composition of plastic bottles?

Ans. A petroleum product called Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is the base material of every plastic bottle. 17 million barrels of oil are necessary annually to produce these plastic bottles.

Q. Who is known as the father of plastic?

Ans. Leo Hendrik Baekeland is known as the father of plastic.

Q. In which year were plastic manufacturing industries set up in India?

Ans. India set up its first plastic manufacturing industry in 1957.

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